Room Rentals for Meetings, Classes and Other Events

In addition to our main playing space we have four rooms that we use for events and rentals.
Contact us for rental rates.

AACCT Floorplan

All four rooms feature laminate wood floors, 8.5' high ceilings, WiFi, good lighting and air-conditioning.

Flushing 4 table room 940w

Room A This is a large 43' x 33' room suitable for Table Tennis, yoga classes, or parties.  Our excellent public/adress / music system can be made booked ahead of time for special events.  We frequently set up 3 or 4 Table Tennis tables in this room.

Room B

Room B, is our conference room. It measures 17' x 15' and features a 12' x 5' conference table in the center which comfortably seats up to 14 people.  There is a bright ceiling-mounted projector and WiFi.  The room is wonderful for meetings and classes.  If desired, the table can easily be repositioned to the far wall.

Room C

Room C This room measures 12" x 15'.  We commonly have some easily re-configuratble foldup tables in it.  This is a great room for holding classes, children's workshops, and morel.

Room C

Room D This room measures 13' x 15' and can be configured for chairs and folding tables per your requirements.

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