Table Tennis Lessons

Sometimes people are introduced to table tennis in someone's small basement, by a person who isn't a very good player and doesn't understand that table tennis form and techinque are just as important as proper form and technique are in tennis, golf, and other sports.  A good coach will teach you how to do things correctly, improve your game, make table tennis much more enjoyable for you, and help you avoid injury.

Above: A demonstration of multiball practice.

Robert Chen and our other AACCT trainers use multiball practice in nearly every lesson they give.  The student gets to hit more balls because they don't have to stop to pick up that single ball they would normally be playing with.  The trainer can precisely serve every ball to the location, at what speed, and with what spin they want to.  You certainly will get a good workout.

Some of the elements of table tennis are:

  • Holding the racket
  • Forehand Drive: Backswing, contact, follow-through, recovery
  • Backhand
  • Return of serve
  • The Serve
  • Spin
  • Footwork
  • Strategy
  • Doubles Play
  • Drills
  • Physical Conditioning


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