Table Rate: $20.00 per hour
$6.00 per half hour
Private Lessons: $50.00 per hour
$30.00 per half hour

Special Group Lessons: Saturdays 2:00-3:30PM. Fee $30. Includes free practice time after lesson. No reservations required.
Daily Unlimited: $10.00 per day
Monthly Unlimited: $65.00 per month
Yearly Unlimited: $600.00 per year
Weekly Tournament: Join us every Friday evening for a chance to win a $200 cash prize!!

For lessons, reservations or group pricing information, please contact us.
AACCT Headquarters
55 Chrystie Street, B102
New York, NY 10002
Monday – Saturday: 3:00pm – 10:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm – 10:00pm
Tel: (646) 918-6467
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The American Asian Cultural Center of Tribeca is a 501(c) not-for-profit organized to promote understanding among the Asian community and between other communities in New York City, to strengthen relationships, to fight discrimination and to combat community deterioration. The AACCT was founded in 2007 by director Robert Chen. To achieve its purposes, AACCT currently organizes and offers low-cost programs in the arts, sports, dance and ESL. These programs are primarily volunteer-run. Arts activities include calligraphy, painting, and filmmaking. Sports activities include table tennis and Kung Fu. AACCT intends that these programs create opportunities for individuals to engage in ways that foster unity and ultimately promote community involvement – particularly among disadvantaged youth, the elderly and recent legal immigrants. Community. Education. Advancement. These are the three pillars of the AACCT.
Robert Chen
President, Program Director
Tel: (646) 255-3870
Email: robert@aacct.org
Shan Xing Wang
Assistant Director
Tel: (917) 215-6576
Email: shanxing@aacct.org
AACCT Headquarters
55 Chrystie Street, B102
NY, New York 10002
Tel: (646) 918-6467
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